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So which of my ships just disappeared?

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Seriously. I have no idea. Our phantom submarine icons are still there, all the wreck markers, etc. I've been visiting all our ships every couple of days. Looking around the map, I can't see anything missing. No sunk notifications, no new wreck markers.

But hey, keep working on those kittens and wheel skins. They're far more important.




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Auto decayed did you at least step on your ships daily this is what I am doing since i lost my ship being built 

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Reply from Voodoo:

"Any ships that have not had their anchors raised within a 3 week period will be automatically deleted by the server.  This is to help keep the server clean and reduce lag.  Any ships you wish to keep, make sure to man the wheel, raise and lower the anchor (at the very least) before 3 weeks has passed since the last time you've done so." (emphasis mine)

That is one possible reason that the ship could've been removed but this pre-alpha game has more bugs than the average Australian city. We have literally dozens of ships in our company. I want to know *which* ships went pop and *why*. Was the it auto-decay? If I know the name of the ship and I know that I was on it 2 days ago then I can report a bug. Was it a different process? Sinking can also result in the removed message. We recently had a fully-anchored galleon sink w/o any sink message. Just a "removed from the company".

Yes, we all know what's *supposed* to happen but what's *supposed* to happen and what *actually* happens are two different things. With such utterly appalling logging, it's going to take much longer to track down and fix faults. Oh, that's right. Fixing faults isn't their priority. They're working on performance, cosmetics and more useless tames for this game that totally isn't Ark.


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