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NA PVE AotD not despawning?

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I fast travelled to a bed to refresh it and was greeted with the completely unexpected sight of a zombie horde. I'm the only player in zone and have been for quite some time (I'm so lonely!)

NA PVE E10 Caraly Isle cheat TP E10 190084 -196681 974 (bed location, slightly offscreen to the right)

I then took 10 mins (according to timestamp of original screenshot) to prepare the below image and post this. I just fast-travelled back and found they're still there, just standing around. Perhaps someone spawned them some time ago and they've not despawned.




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I first noticed this the day that they ubernerfed everything but tames and melee against AoD (about a month ago). At that time, if you couldn't kill them, they would just keep standing around. Even worse, if you went back with the same map after about 10 minutes, you would spawn ANOTHER horde that also wouldn't despawn.

Since that time, I've found high level undead somebody left behind on my island that persisted for days, and even survived a server patch.

Pure conjecture, but I am guessing that they swung the nerf hammer so wildly and with so little consideration of repercussions that they even nerfed their own functions. They probably had a script that used to destroy the undead after a timer using a function that the undead are now invulnerable to.

To think that this was done to prevent powerleveling of ships on PvP... I have neither face, nor palm sufficient for this.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Ill pass the info along!

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