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Ship Cargo Container's And the Ability to snap to Ceiling / Foundation's

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Hey Hey.    So as we all know the cargo crates are AmazeBalls!!!     However here is my issue, or suggestion.    

Could we please get the ability to snap a ship cargo holder to a ceiling tile or floor.     Myself I love the ability to "Release Cargo"  from my boat that went to get the resources, to another boat I have on my land.  "see attached"  to Scoop up that container. so that I can easily run up and down a ramp to collect my goods,  without the BS of having to,   move my tame onto the boat,  transfer the goods to my tame,  now run my tame off the boat  "Like thats easy, unless you have ramps"  onto land and deposit my goods into my primary Ship Resource box, since that can hold the most.  

I think this would be a great QOL change,  and hey.  Clear up some memory, so players dont use ships,  like i do..     

When I drive my hauler, I think as a semi truck.    I pull into harbor,  Drop my load, and head right back out.  since after the drop, i can destroy the holders on my ship, to get my max movement speed back,    Because in my opinion, i rather rebuild my cargo holder, and get full speed for 1/2 the trip,  To and From.   Since ts cheap to make the cargo rack






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Just now, Puppies4ever said:

Nice idea, but i think it will never be ingame..... 🙁

True, this is too nice to have so it will never be implemented.

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I've been saying the same thing! But I said they should do that with the boat docks where you anchor inside them kinda like how the advanced shipyard works and have the options to release cargo into them. And maybe even make it where it has the option to transfer the cargo into your warehouse. Saves soooooo much time unloading back and forth!

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