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mmo Temporary quest groups

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Nice! They changed the Suggestion section ❤️

What I would love to see in this game is small temporary groups. I mentioned this in another thread but I ran into a problem that needs exactly that.
To be fair I play on an RP Server. Things are slightly different but I think this would be nice for PvP and PvE as well.

Implement small temporary groups. (Let's call it Crew)

I want to invite a player to my Crew. His company isn't touched and my company isn't touched but we can now sail the same ship and play together.
I think this is important for an mmo because it makes it easy and effortless to socialize with other players. This could improve PvP in the long term (less toxic)

I compare this to World of Warcraft. If you had a problem and the members of your guild are far away you would ask strangers to do the quest with you. Some of them were doing the same quest anyway. I know we don't have such simple quests but a treasure map could be such a thing.
Still the WoW example it would be stupid to expect someone to leave their guild for a quest or even start a new one. This is to heavy!

I know that this isn't as easy as it sounds especially in regards to the use of ships. Because most of the time if you are in a company, all ships are company owned. Would a crew member be able to sail other company ships as well?

We could need an option in the ship menu where you can set this per ship.
"Use Sails"
"Use cannons"
"Use boxes"
"Use steering wheel"
For example.
So you can make adjustments what crew members can currently use on ships.

This could be used as a try out mechanism for new members as well. Which is super cool for PvP where you don't trust anyone 😄

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