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Crossbow of the damned (equipping causes crash)

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I'm sure this isn't on your list of priorities... But our server admin spawned in some weapons "of the damned" to give out as event rewards. This included the sword of the damned, mace of the damned and crossbow of the damned. 


Ofcourse these weapons are not typically obtainable without admin commands. We did however notice some bugs with them:


Mace of the damned, seemed fine, no bugs so far. 

Sword of the damned, never shows the red/pink glow in 1st person view. Sometimes the blade disappears and only shows a handle. 

Crossbow of the damned, crashes game when equipped. Can not load back in without crashing because the weapon is still equipped. We needed an admin to join our tribe and remove the crossbows from our inventories before we could log back in. 


I think the issue with the crossbow would be quite serious for someone on single player

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