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[NA PVP] Lost admin and owner privileges on 150 man company after v7 patch due to glitch

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After the latest v7 Patch, my  company had the following occur:

1. I lost ownership on the company
2. All admins have lost their privileges
3. Roughly 30 people were dropped from the company

To be clear, this wasn't any sort of mutiny or malicious abuse - it was a glitch as can be seen in the company logs.

The details of the company are as follows:
Name: The Pirate Bae
Server: NA PVP
Owner: Ulysses Gallahan
Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:6213526 or 76561197972692780

If possible, we'd really like to have an admin fix this for us, as we're a group of roughly 150 players that have invested significant time and effort.

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happened to our 17 man tribe also, can't transfer the ships to a new tribe, all progress lost!

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