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Larger Building Pieces

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I have been meaning to write this up for a while so here goes.

1) Include 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 versions of walls, ceilings, roofs and floors please. Let them be exact duplicates of the original pieces with snap points and ideally with their 'T' options if appropriate. Its REALLY important they have ALL the snap points - I recently made a building with the large walls and never again with all the extra effort to work around not having any snap points on the wall. Make them cost the same amount of material as making the parts or even a little more would be ok. The real reason to have them is to drastically reduce the replicate bandwidth / time to render a building with them compared to now - 3x3 is 1/9th, 4x4 is 1/16th and 5x5 is 1/25th the storage and bandwidth each time its loaded. Let them count their full amount in structure limit too so we don't just end up with ten times larger buildings.

2) Can we please have either a carpenters / stone work bench where thatch / wood / stone building items can be made instead of only in our inventory. It understandable and nice to make some stuff that way but really silly to not be able to make bulk copies of the simple parts in a smithy or another more appropriate structure. Also an opportunity to make a nice thing or things for our work shops.

3) Docks that are the size of the ship yards but covered on top with versions for thatch, wood or stone ceilings with all the snap points. The top's need to be one wall height higher than the top of the shipyard now. This single item would reduce the render / storage of our base by a factor of 1000 at least.

Having these larger pieces will also make structure checking take less time and should be a bunch easier. I really hope you consider doing something like this, it would be so nice.

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