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SP Bugs

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Restart required to get discovery points credit when landing.

Animals not gaining XP

Anchor in each new grid not working...goes along with discoveries broken until restart of game.

ALL SOD spawns explode at random and do not attack.

Thank you :) Happy 4th gang!

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Posted (edited)

Instead of creating a new thread I'll just add to this one.  Today I traveled south 5 grids in a brig.  During the voyage, I crafted a Wooden Door, Mortar and Pestle, and a Ship Cargo Rack.

When I returned to my home grid/base, a Wooden Door was missing from one of my schooner, my mortar and pestle in my house with everything inside of it disappeared and a ship cargo rack off my schooner disappeared. It seems like whatever you craft outside of your home grid has a chance of deleting the same item anywhere in your home grid.

Also after encountering whales on L14, they kept appearing when I zoned into L15, back into L14 and then every grid I entered from L14-L10.  As soon as I loaded into one of those grids, about 6 whales spawned right when I loaded into the new grid at about max render distance.

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