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I'm making this post to suggest some additions and changes to improve game play for most players.

- Hitching Post (I know this was an Ark mod, but it is very helpful for breeders and is historical accurate since throughout the ages, man was always able to tie down their animals 🙂 )

- Bird Stands (For crows, seagulls, parrots, etc, to be able to stand on, instead of being walking around on the floor)

- Grappling Hook on the Crossbow (Its a welcome addiction to increase range and speed of launching a grappling hook, also useful for catching crates while in a moving ship)

- Draw Bridge (Would be an interesting feature to add, so we can build castle like buildings)

- NPC Patrols Routes (Being able to set a patrol route for our NPC Guards, would be an interesting feature)

- Glass Windows/Walls (Should be able to craft with the use of crystal)

- Tranquilizer arrows/bolts with the use of poisons

- Weapon rack (Mostly for show or storage in ships or bases, also useful for show for customers)

- Armour Stand (Same reason as before)

- Dung Beetle (Remake a of an Ark creature that "everyone" wants)


Not sure if any of these were said or commented about before... I saw a few posts but havent searched all of them.

Anyways these are some of my ideas and ideas of people i play with.

If possible, would like to hear the point of view of the devs about these ideas..


Anyways, keep up the good work, i thing the game is going in the right direction and is improving constantly.

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Bird stands would be really nice.

Perhaps also chicken coops which supply eggs/poop into it's inventory... and a lot more other similar ideas....

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