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Hide hat feathers.

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Barbossa taught me that any Pirate worth His or Her salt needs a hat with a big feather in it.

So my Female Pathfinder was disappointed to find out that her hide hat didn't have ANY feathers at all. Later on she thought it might be fitting to give the hat to her faithful mischief making Monkey...

Now this was a terrible day for that beloved monkey, it quickly lost its favor with his Captain. You see, this hat, when placed on the Monkey's head, had plumage from not one, not two, not even three.... BUT FOUR ! ! ! Feathers.... Needless to say, the Monkey was made to walk the plank for mutiny, it didn't make it to land before the sharks got it.


Please give us Female Pathfinders feathers in our Hide Hats. 

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I drank it all in an attempt to drown out my sorrows and forget that mutinous monkey ever existed. 

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