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Changes to AOD mean solo players must engage in taming

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I too feel it was a ridiculous Fix for something that wasn’t really a problem. 

I enjoyed getting creative on treasure maps, the thing about open world survival MMO’s is the players make their own content. Now I’m no tame hater, I love my bears! But I thoroughly enjoyed finding new and alternative ways to do maps! Now, however, it’s “bring a bear or go home” I’ve been a stout defender of these devs as I understand development cycles and testing and realise that they will move the goalposts to either side of balance to test effects, but I am starting to lose faith in their competence as slowly, but surely, they are removing all the sand from our otherwise amazing sandbox.

its a crying shame as I really want atlas to succeed but I just don’t get them.. so many heavy handed and unpopular changes on an already dwindling player base isn’t a great way to promote the game, again, neither is the complete focus on PvP balancing at the expense of PvE. Especially when the numbers are about equal.

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On 6/30/2019 at 3:49 AM, Ankhwearer said:

"AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle), melee damage and tame damage."

My technique for fighting the Army of the Dead for treasure hunting was building walls and grenades after they spawn. Guns don't do enough damage to be able to effectively take out a squad of Warriors of the Damned (although they will handle the other mobs, like archers--if you don't miss!) and trying to solo three or more level 25+ Warriors with melee weapons leads to pain and misery.

I have been playing Atlas without taming, instead depending on the gear and my skills and tenacity. The harvest bonus and good (journeyman+) tools mostly makes up for the advantage that tames give for harvesting. Only bears out perform me on fiber-over-time; the rest of the animals move so slowly I can about match for bulk collection them if my weight and stamina are high and boosted with gear. And considering that I no longer have to hunt high level animals, spend time taming, worry about the animals being killed, and save the weight of carrying animals around on my ships, I feel that this is about an even trade in game play. Plus I have about 24 skill points I don't have to lock up in the Taming tree, thus I can be more versatile in the other skills needed for the game.

But you just can't solo a journeyman map without animals following the immunity to grenades and explosive kegs that was instituted in the changes this week.

What exactly was the purpose of this change to AOD? What were the devs trying to fix that was exploitative? And now that there is a Single Player mode in the works, is locking out this style of play really a smart direction to go? I feel it is not.


This is old news now, but for folks passing by just arrow the Soldiers then sword the Warrior. Double-tap back to dodge his swings. Easy solo. 

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