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bug report Bug patch 7.0?

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Yesterday right before the patch the game and server was on 6.7 patch. Working fine for me connection without no problem. Switching grid in boat was smooth. But now on the 7.0 patch i am totally unable to connect ''Can't connect to server. Unable to fetch server info''.

What i did:
1-I did a repair files for the game (doesn't work)
2-I uninstall the game and Install it again (Still doesnt work)
3-I install it on my SSD instead of my HDD (doesn't work)
4- I create a partition on my HDD dedicated to the game only and install it on it (doesnt work)
5-Did the same thing as number 4 but on my SSD (Doesnt work)

In those points i didn't count the amount of time i did a full restart of my computer. I've try to spam my Join Atlas button over 45 times sitll the issues.
Please help me or fix this... One patch i can connect the next one i cannot connect it's on and off every patch. I am urrently the only one in my community who got this problem since the launch and it's kind of boring and annoying at the moment.

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