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Tigers breeding

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Hello everyone,
i startet Breeding Tigers yesterday, but i got a Problem, and maybe on of you knows a Solution.

First i need to Say: I am on the right Island to breed, no Problem to get the Tigers or Lions pregnant with a fire.
Since i got a free day yesterday, there was no Problem to feed them up to 10 %. Birth was about 2 pm, 10 % reached at arround 10 pm.
But now my Problem starts.
i filled up a Through with Meat, and another one with Prime Meat and Meat for the other Tigers, Lions and all other animals wich prefers meat.
BUT, over night, one Tiger starved to death. The other babys still got food. Not much, but they survived.
Today im Working till 5 pm.. so i NEVER EVER will get the Chance to grow up a Tiger right? There must be allways someone to feed them. Cause the meat in the trough are rotten till i am back. The ones wich was in it last night, was gone after 4,5 h.. all rotten.

I took a look: in the Tigers, and in my Inventar 1 Meat is rotten after 10 mins. In the through its rotten after 30 min.. so a stack of 20 should stay 10 h.. but.. they eat of course.. so its gone after 4 h, maybe 4,5 h. Its kinda impossible that you can grow a Tiger if you are working,... or in my case, i got a Baby, so i cant play all 4 h to feed them....
Is there a way to get the Meat stay longer ? any trick or hint would be very welcome.

Ty all


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