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Please rework the loot system already

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i hated arks loot system, people who adminned know some of the pain, and those who search for bps also know the pain. The ark system was horrendous, and our copy paste of it is even worst. There was almost no thought in the drops it feels, we need many limitations, ie shipyard bp should be 1 craft. things like scissors and saddles that are white, should let you use those bps without the skill, otherwise cut them out of the loot table already. The wild range of the bps is maddening, its green/fine it needs a set amount of points and that's it, ie fine sword bp +1-6% damage, and +1-6% durability bonus, done.  and yes i said as low as 1, because we all have gotten items that were like mythical with 0 increase. there should always be an increase, even if its slight.   I also have always been against mythical, i think they have a place, and that is on unofficial servers. But we need to reign in the loot system, and actually go through it, with reasonable numbers, and not the mess we have now.  Some items only really have one stat, someone yes has to take the time, and simplify the loot system, and put each item in individually. The reality is sometimes the crafts are way to many, sometimes the stats are just not even worth anything. We need to get away from levels, and start going for rarity. the system was bad in ark and its dragging down Atlas like a sinking ship

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