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[Free Republic of Texas]

[TXS] Texas Republic - Episode 6 - New Settlement Founded, the Island of Port Aransas, E9

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June 17, 2019

Dear Friends and Fellow Texians,

Many things have happened since last we reported our adventures in F10 with the loss of our fleet and the sacking of our island by the Wendigoans and Jazz Cabbage Heads. 🙂


A short run up to speed is in order:

We moved back to our reserve outpost, which we affectionately call "Chuck's Island." Soon after, we began to be contacted by several individuals and companies looking to show us their support and offering their aid to get ourselves reestablished. To all those who made offers of land, ships and gold, we are eternally grateful and humbly honored to receive so many well wishes from so many adventurers and like-minded Freedom Lovers. We hope to continue to serve a worthy example to all those who follow our stories of (mis)fortune!

Some of our newest friends near Isla de Chucka sought to honor us with volunteering a southern island in grid E9 for our new homestead. All we had to do was assist with taking the island and lay claim to it. This event was briefly touched on in comments HERE. We did lay siege to the island and after a long night, we raised the Texas flag over a new home and christened the settlement Port Aransas.

After such adventures, we were contacted by a lone individual who bid us not disclose his name for he was of a shadowy and reclusive nature. Myself not being very openly trusting, I dared not take all this message-bringer's words on face value, but we discussed the recent events in secret and in good faith. This individual asked my opinion of coming and laying claim to an island in E9 with an offer to lend us aide in seeking vengeance against our recent assailants. The opportunity was truly too great to pass up but I was extremely cautious. I offered the suggestion that this small band of turncloaks come into the area under a neutral flag and make friends on their own accord and actions...leaving their intent and identities to go unknown except for we Texians.

So it came to pass that the Red River Trading Company came to E9 and laid claim to one of the largest islands in the grid. The Red River group made true their intent to render us aide, both in coin and materials, not to mention such good advice as to aid in our preparations for more visits from the likes of Wendigo. It was also soon discovered by all those in the grid that the island of Port Aransas was but a small outpost -- our true base in the system was on the Red River Trading Company's island between Red River to the north and our new neighbors, Dark Vanguard, on the southern point of the island. This island was our primary reserve island....Chuck's Island, we called it. And even though we had been there from the second founding, we yet appeared quite small and insignificant even to Dark Vanguard, who regarded us with less than favorable opinion.

Squabbles over resources and defense structures sprang up almost immediately when Dark Vanguard moved in. To the displeasure of the E9 alliance, Texas and Dark Vanguard traded as much powder, shot and blood as we did wood, stone and metal...in fact most of our trades were exchanged at high muzzle velocity no matter what resource was being shared.

During this time, another fellow Texican arrived from a far-off grid. He sailed from a far polar region with but one purpose -- help support his fellow Texians in regaining their Honor.

He took up harbor in Port Aransas and began making his own preparations for an extended stay -- erecting his own outpost on the north side of the island and joining in our mutual story telling and rum drinking.

We also sailed a couple of scouting sloops to islands far and wide to investigate offers of lands and riches. We intend to make some use of those opportunities in good time once we get our current settlement in order.


But things were about to change....little did we know that a Wendigo fleet was under sail and headed our way....

...to be continued...

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