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[Free Republic of Texas]

[TXS] Texas Republic - Episode 5 - Discoveries at Sea, A Most Erie Spectacle

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June 11, 2019

A couple of nights ago, my freshly christened fishing sloop, Aransas Pass, met with our brig, Pecos, out at sea to resupply and exchange provisions.

During the exchange, the officer of the watch noted that his spyglass appeared to reveal an unknown discovery area nearby...in open ocean. Assured by our cryptographer that no land mass was in the area, we sailed over to investigate. We put one of our men over the side in a diving suit to scout for any wreckage or features of note on the sea floor but found nothing.

Our investigation was cut short by a sudden storm....cyclones fell from the skies and the rain came at us like broadsides in the wind! Our brig made to come about and sailed directly into a patrol of SotD and began exchanging cannon fire. I elected to take the small fishing sloop directly west and outdistance the storm as quickly as possible!

Last evening, I returned to the area in question and verified that the anomalous mist still lingered over the area...a most peculiar and spooky sight to behold. A crewmate joined me and went over the side, again using a diving suit to aid in his exploration.

Momentarily, the most peculiar thing I have seen on the sea did occur...and perhaps you will not believe what I am about to tell you.....but do heed my tale and listen well...

The hairs on our necks stood on end and all manner of ship's equipment seemed to freeze in time. Our sails froze, crystallized in a sudden frosty shimmer...my deck crew froze at their posts...my trusty parrot even fell silent upon my shoulder...the ocean waves ceased to undulate beneath my hull and the winds fell silent and still....and the fish....the fish seemed possessed by demons and rose from the sea!

I dare not whisper a lie for the ocean gods would drag me and my crew to the murky depths....The fish rose from the sea!

And among the marlin and giant tuna there arose three great sperm whales! They lifted themselves out of the ocean and took to the air! My small sloop was surrounded on all sides by this spectacle! It was as if the seas themselves were giving warning of impending doom!

And then....my vision went dark...and I and my crew collapsed on the deck!

Some time later, I awoke....the ocean had returned to normal and my mate was still over the side in the diving suit, the small air pump clunking away as if nothing had happened!

I called out to him and after a brief silence, he surfaced from the depths and came aboard.

"What happened? I saw nothing down there."

"Nothing at all? Did you not see the fish come out of the water?"


"And the whales? Did you not see the whales?"

"No, I saw no whales, captain....perhaps we should return to shore?"

"Aye....that we should, indeed," I quickly answered.

As we made to return to the island, I marked on my map "Whale Sighting" at the location in question...and I made note not to return there until I had the proper rigging for whaling.

Until next time, safe travels.



OOC: We were investigating a discovery bubble at sea that is clearly visible using the spyglass when the servers went down last night and three sperm whales floated up out of the water along with the rest of the fish nearby. Can anyone verify if a discovery bubble at sea indicates a whale spawn area or some other underwater structure, as I believe that seems the most logical explanation....

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