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Reproducable way to fly off a boat (out the back)

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Have  you ever just been launched out the back of a boat?
Running walking up a ramp and just Fly off like launched out of a cannon?

Ended up in the water saying "WTF WAS THAT!?" as you watch the ship skirt off in the distance as the sharks come to say "hi!"?


Well it may be do to your wall placements!

yep MOTHER&^#%!@* WALLS!

i have tested and reproduced this ANNOYING GLITCH at least 20 times successfully its sloped walls.

Even if it BELOW the deck and you run, walk, attack, or even do a feat (power punch) in the right (or is it wrong?) spot and the ship is moving, you go FLYING (actually it seems you clip for a moment and the ship passes THOUGH you, or you though the ship (while you are immobile for a split second mid air).

you do not even need to be EXACTLY on top or the edge. you can be within a tile of it and it can still happen. We had 1 boat with about 40 sloped walls and walking around from the front to back was a for sure way to get punted off (although if you were at the front you would normally stop clipping right at he back (some times the ones in the back would then hit a second later adding a nice daisy chain effect. place some triangle ceilings all over and place the slopped roofs even MORE and now you have a way for people who board you to get launched off with out even the need for puckles/swivel's (although all the ceilings and walls way 50X more)

so those ramps launching you? (looked for a slopped wall near by) deck running bouncing you around? look for a slopped wall below your deck.

ENJOY the bouncing fun!


this bug also applies to tames.


Sorry ill add how this can be exploitable, (so they fix it faster) You sail in-front of a enemy boat grab 20-30 grenades keep the boat STRAIGHT have the enemy boat straight behind you and close (with in a boats length or two) run up and down the edge of a sloped roof facing our the back (ie the high point of the wall is facing the back of the boat) it may take a few trys, keep trying odd angles you will fly through your boat and end up on there lower deck (you seem to fall when you clip though your boat (guess the deck has a anti clipping code?))

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Add how to exploit the bug so the dev's take notice
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This also applies to regular walls and comes from ARK where you cannot walk on the tops of walls for reasons. The code appears to be written to suspend the player off the wall which is not a noticeable problem on land, but on the ships it is a regular problem and has caused rage and even some players to quit. It can be prevented by building railings on top of walls, trying to get the wall's top under a ceiling as much as possible, and not building under-the-top-deck access doors (a common build to have a flat top deck).

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8 minutes ago, PHaRTnONu said:

Fixed with in 48 hours... NICE!

48 Hours after this report, it was reported (with structures causing it) like in week one allready. BUT if it is fixed, good job.

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This also happens if you put a crewman on your steering wheel, unseat them, but don't move them, then use steering wheel yourself, putting you inside the crewman.. then on release jump up to escape being stuck.. you are then catapulted off the ship.

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