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Area unbuildable within owned island

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I included two points

cheat TP F3 -371973 -290036 -3717
cheat TP F3 -391030 -298638 -5749


So you can better see what happening. So at those coordinates i am trying to build a harbor wall (common in this game). But when attempting it i KEPT getting "enemy foundation to near by so i swam for a few hours looking for them ( didnt find even 1).
then i noticed in the top right. it didnt say the island as our company owned it (just the yellow name; ie the discovery zone.)
i found this BIZZARE. so i swam back till i could build. (then the top right island info came back as being our island the same time i could build.

Major bug as that unintended


Please help. thank you

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1 hour ago, TrevorJD said:

You'll need to mention the server you're on (eg NA PVP)

thanks I forgot 😛

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