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Whistling crewmembers onto stations can steal from other ships!

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Hi team,

We have a busy harbour with ships parked pretty close. A few times I've whistled "comma" to put an NPC onto a station such as a sail or cannon and an idle crewman from a different ship has jumped over to man the post! I would like to see some proximity / range checks when choosing which NPC responds. Ideally, it wouldn't pull an NPC that's not on the same ship. If a player wants an NPC that's on the pier or another ship, they can whistle them over first.

Related, I have two levels of cannons on the stern of my schooner (so on ceilings/walls). If I'm on 2 deck and whistle a cannon, an NPC from 1 deck will come up to man the cannon despite there being 4 NPCs on the same level, within 2 foundations.


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I also think this should be fixed but we resolve this by having all NPC's on ignore group whistle. Oh! Yeah, that means you can't on-the-fly reassign them with the comma whistle unless you first set them to obey whistles. I gave up on the feature a long time ago and just radial menu them. I'd rather them be on ignore group whistle.

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Does the comma count as a group whistle? We've done it with some to prevent accidental "everyone follow me".

The trouble with the radial menu is that unless you have a sparsely-stationed ship, the radial menu usually offers something you don't want (like the wheel)

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