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Ahoy, Matey! EU-PVP - Welcome to ye new Piratecompany - NEBUKADNEZAR (Old Tribelords from Ark Survival Evolved, WOLFPACK, Chosen One, etc.) ______________ We are a Company of 30 members, with a very active core of Seadogs with old Salt ruinning through they veins. HA HA ! ____________________________________________ Our Admins have individually between 3-8 k hours in ARK, and gathering on in ATLAS. _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have a decent farming Island, very safe and with a great infrastructure and harbour. _____________________________________________________________________________ All farming Animals and even special animals. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We even have a Submarine-BP and a decent little Fleet. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have a nice Discordserver for our Gaming-Clan since years, with a decent organised structure and its own ATLAS-rubric, and working ATLAS-Bots for informations. simihhh#0396 - One of our Admins. Contact him. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We welcome experiecned and new players aswell, because we are actually very good in teaching new players. Fun & Happyness are always the Foundation of our Gaming. Even if we are a huge company, here nobody will force,use or command you to farm excessivly or any other negative impulses. You can always see the island and all its property as your free Home <3 We count on your own Impulse for Gaming, Productivity and Creativity. You can ever join others in their mission or projects. ATLAS is a perfect game, where so many different types of gamers can come together, because every effort in PVE-taming and breeding, building, farming or even PVPing and Scouting is FUN and makes progress to all other Mateys, Aye! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Splice the Mainbrace! Until ye r three Sheets to the Wind! JOIN US ! AVAST YE ! All Hand Hoy!

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