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Whiskey Diggers

About This Company

We are a relatively new company with 9 members at the moment on NA PVP. We are currently built in the north region and are several days into building on our new island. We are looking for relatively active members who are seeking to help build a relatively large company and are looking to have some fun. While we do work hard and while we do grind a lot, we stick to our motto that Life always comes before the game, no excuses! Our island is up in the north and houses a stable metal supply, crop supply, crystal and allotted typical resources. Upon entering into the company you will be set up in a recruitment area. Here you will make your way through levels one through 3. We are very cautious about insiders so we have a particular governing system that benefits those that are in it for the long run. For any further questions please message Doots2521. Xbox Gt: Doots2521 Discord: Doots2521#3197 Hope to see you out there!

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