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Are you tired of the drama and mega-companies of PvP? Do you just want to enjoy the game, and actually be able to play/explore without fear that your base will not be there tomorrow? **US TOO!!** We came to PvE after a month of constant wipes/rebuilding in PvP. It just got old. We all enjoy Atlas and are Ark veterans, but the current meta in Atlas PvP just wasn't for us, we had no interest in being some mega-company's entertainment. Since joining PvE we have set up a well organized base/company and are currently looking for players who feel like we do, and just want to actually play the game. We are all on Xbox but we do welcome both Xbox and PC players alike. Requirements: 1. 18+/Mature (we're all 25+) 2. Have a Mic (We will use this to confirm age/maturity - whether on discord or Xbox party) 3. Be a team player/Be willing to contribute to the company 4. No whining about ranks/access (these will be earned as we build trust with recruits) 5. Must join the discord to stay informed/involved We do have a discord for communication/fun outside of the game: https://discord.gg/74chTCq If your interested in joining you have 3 options: 1. Join the discord - *(Fastest)* 2. Message me here - *(Slowest)* 3. Message me on Xbox - GT: Bobbybigtime69 - *(Varies depending on my work schedule)*

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