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Group of Xbox Atlas players just kickin' back, havin' a time and drinkin' some grog! SoT refugees looking to get our PvE based Pirate lives on... Feel free to join us... First rounds on me!

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  2. Sounds good! Wish I would have seen this msg earlier... I went two Islands over last night to grab another buddy who zoned in there, if it was the same place I could have brought you over with him (or went by wherever you are and picked you up on the way back). Well, no worries, take your time, we'll be there when you get there. I've added you on XB for easier meetup. Our post is on the NW'ish corner of the NW-most Island of M8. (Lourita Pennisula) We've got signs and buoys with company name on them, so it's pretty easy to spot the place. Either myself or CD (CitoDaddy) are usually on at various points during the day. If no one is home when you get there, some one should be along shortly. Hope to meet up soon. Cheers
  3. We've established a post, some ships and have a nice little corner of Atlas to call our own. The more the merrier... If anyone is looking for a company to join, look us up!
  4. Ahoy! I haven't forgot about this group and I promise I am trying to get to you. Had to create a new character bc I was in a company and when I got ready to sail to you, I left that company and lost everything. I'm in M8 now and only two islands away so as soon as I can get a boat, I'll head over! My gamertag is mythicmortician if you want to add me on xbox.
  5. Love it! haha Sounds good. We've setup a pretty sweet beachfront encampment on the NW'ish coast of "Laurita Pennisula" (the upper NW island in M8). Got a full workshop with all the extras (larders, barrels, etc.), crew quarters, animal pen for tames, and putting down a shipyard soon to start the schooner. We would have had the shipyard bit done already and been a little further, but that crazy server rollback wiped a bunch of progress out and we had to re-group. Anywho... Welcome aboard and hope to get to meet up with ya soon! Sent you a friend request on XB to make grouping easier when we're all playing. Skol
  6. GT: CItodaddy99 (I think-have to doublecheck) I am an old married dude with kids, so I am usually trying to spend as much time in the basement away from them as possible. Usually weeknights 6-9ish and weekends in between soccer/cheerleading and a variety of other crap I don't want to do. Looking to join up with peeps, as I have been solo-ing it, and now am at a point where I think I could use the help. Been mulling over whether or not to use the 120 or so precious gold coins I've been hoarding, on hiring crew. (don't think I could afford to keep them-so haven't decided when I should) I setup my "starter home" in M10 on Ridgesomin next time I am on, ill come by and check you guys out.
  7. Ahoy! And Greetings to Boo Lickity! See the above info for ZAEN as to our whereabouts and such. All applies. Welcome Aboard!
  8. Welcome to the Company ZAEN! We're in the process of setting up shop in grid M8. ("Gorgon's Gaze" server, Lourlita Peninsula.) We've got all the equipment and a pretty decent little post going. Feel free to stop by and check it out. If we can find a time when we;re all out there together, I can invite you to the company proper, so you can use the facility. Cheers!
  9. I'll start... GT: ZenZuki Currently working in China (so Asia Region) Play Times: Weeknights 6 pm to 10-11'ish pm local time. Weekends can play pretty much all day.

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