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Hey...I have a nice island I'm on but it's got a lot of trash buildings on it cause it was taken over recently. So I'm very limited on what I can do. The owning company isn't telling me if they are going to wipe it or not and I'm pretty much at a stand still on progress towards a permanent base. I'm interested in a new home but I have concerns. What I'm looking for: A: Decent mature people who are not trolls and do not go out of their way to start wars. Understand wars happen but I'm not in the business of starting shit cause someone killed another someone's chicken. B: A space I can call home and build myself up. Not sure what my long term goals are(like joining another company) but I at least want to get myself built up C: Communication. I don't expect to be in the loop of "behind the scenes" info on a companies plans but at least communicate in some form especially if I in jeopardy. I'm also a pretty new player and it's nice when I can get a question or two answered. I also want to contribute...not just ask of things. I'm a pretty laid back guy and if another company needs me to do something for them I'm always willing. I'm just looking for a decent home and maybe down the line...a decent company to join. Xbox: RespectedFlea Message me.

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