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J.W Community Company

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About This Company

We are Active Community playing games like Ark, The Isle, Atlas we use to run our own servers and we have plans for future servers on games like atlas, the isle. About Atlas and Company. We are active company with main goal to have fun!! But we have some simple rules. 1) You must be active on discord. 2) You must be more than 20 Years old. 3) Respect other members of the company. 4) Be Responsible with Company Tames, Ships, Resources, Mission, Commands, Jobs and anything the company will need you to do on (Share playtime we have) 5) Real life go First, we are not a hard core company on gameplay, no one will tell you that you cant go offline for some days, Just be honest and let us know when you are going to be offline, witch hours you mostly play the game etc etc. 6) Replace what you borrow from resources etc 7) You are allowed to build your own ships, Base. Have your own tames. with owners permission. 8) NO insults , NO Racism or Racist Words. no childish fights. 9) You must be From Europe, And speak English. Disrespecting one of those rules means that you are going to get kicked without warning. We are on Europe (PvE) server. our location is. C8 (Lawless Region) E14 Owners of Valhalla Island Send me a msg for discord invite and Company. With that way you agree and accept the company rules and agree to them.

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