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About This Company

Hello and welcome, we are a small company of close friends (Currently only 4 of us) that play in the EU timezone, we are looking to invite more players into our ranks. We are currently situated on an owned island paying taxes. We are a very laid back bunch who are fun orientated, we wont ask you to do nothing but farm for hours on end without no real goal, we all work together to achieve a common goal, currently we have a weaponsmith, builder, cook/farmer, and tamer but we would be happy to have any spec involved, this was done initially to allow us to be able to achieve everything we need to due to the nature of how the skill tree is done. We are a chill bunch who's goal right now is to get enough infrastructure under us to venture out and claim our own land. So if you enjoy the game and want a chill group to play with, then give us a shot... Requirements: Mature Players Only (18 +) - Alot of our banter is aimed towards an adult nature, so only players who can deal with this need to come by. Teamwork orientated players - We dont want players who only want to do their own thing, being part of a company is working together as a whole, weather that is being a cook/tamer or breeder. That however will not stop you taking part in the fun parts of the game. IE Sailing. Mic Required - We like to communicate and to encourage teamwork we require members to have a mic We like to have fun whilst playing and do a multitude of different things, from treasure maps, hunting SOTD, farming and taming we have different roles due to the nature of the progression skill tree but we like to involve everyone when doing our 'missions' Come check us out on discord . https://discord.gg/d8XTzbn

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