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About This Company

Adult member company of regular daily gamers. Most husband and wives team at the moment but looking to grow just a little to claim islands under new claim system. We map hunt together, build ships and collect resources together. Every members personal location lawless or not is a safe place to stop, resupply and make yourself at home while your away from the game.

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  2. manOwar

    Join Us?

    Still seeking active individuals or small groups interested in joining our company. We collect and do maps together, tame together, grind resources and share as a team. We've spec'd our characters to do almost everything and have a want for nothing but a land plot to call our permanent home. We lack the player count to buy islands in our area so are resorting to this. We will be selective, seeking casual players as well as daily ones. We started as a group of 3 and our wives joined in and are now a big part of our daily routines. We've picked up a few friends along the way and are looking to keep it growing. Would like to settle in at around 20 players max.
  3. manOwar

    Join Us?

    We're looking for a few players to join us in the EU PVE server who are interested in playing in the K12-K13 region. If interested please contact us in our website afd-gaming.com and we can chat in our TeamSpeak or Discord. Serious players only please.