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About This Company

Welcome to Stronghold! We are looking to add new players or to absorb smaller companies that could use more numbers and more infrastructure. We currently are in control of an island but there is strength in numbers so we are recruiting. We are a well organized group of players that have been playing the game since Day 1. We are experienced and accomplished in all areas the game has to offer from taking out the Kraken and taming mythical creatures to large scale ship PvP and island raids and takeovers. How we run things is essential to our survival as a company and everyone has to work together for us to thrive. -Every player will choose a role/skill that they want to specialize in (this way we can have access to everything)*Armor *Guns *Taming etc -Company tasks are large scale projects that everyone will be asked to participate in. Outside of the large company projects you are free to do as you please. -Our goal is that we all have fun and we are not here to micromanage what you do when you are on the game. -We will have scheduled nights where we do large scale events such as whaling or doing a powerstone -We are on a PvP serverfor a reason so we will be looking for action we don’t build our warships just to leave them in harbor and look at them. -DISCORD IS REQUIRED -PLEASE BE MATURE AND HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR. If you are interested please message me on discord: RiceGrenade#0722

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