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What we offer: ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ (1.) Strong core and community that play multiple games together (2.) Diehard atlas veterans who played the entirety of original servers and PTU (3.) Strong alliance (4.) Constant non stop large scale ship pvp action (5.) Raiding on the reg (6.) Kicking ass all day long ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Requirements: [1] Discord [2] Active member (making it to key events etc. we all have lives we get it no one can play all the time) [3] Team player ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ We are looking to fill our our ranks with a couple more active members. We are a chill group no bull sh*t company who's been around since day 1. If you are looking to have fun and experience all Atlas has to offer private message me. We will invite you to the discord and one of our Admins will interview you.

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