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We are active company now looking for a few new mebers to start up fresh together with as the server wipes. ABOUT THIS COMPANY A Company of mixed players from diffrent countries, Germany, France, UK, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria and so on. We located in Whales Wrath official PVP server. We accept all players as long as you are mature and can see the bigger picture and understand that team effort is important to accomplish something. All kinds of players are welcome since we all enjoy diffrent things from game and also need a good variation of players in our team to be sucessfull. ,We need strategy players looking out where best Buildings are for defens and pvp oriented players in order to conquer more lands. Ship builders for trade and wafare and so on. Also if you are in a smaller Company looking for a merge we can offer a good team for you to play together with. Send me PM if you are interested.

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