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[EU][PVE] International casual cie. Ready for the wipe to book some area ! [20th March] Join us ! https://discord.gg/mA2xXB

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  2. Shakto

    [GDrive] Ressources location

    Just posted the link
  3. Rules Visit of the island Ressources location on the island
  4. Girafe (3 walls of height) [I4 - The Yelling Isle] & Elephant (1 wall of height) [J8 - The Green Islet] Height is on the sides Don't bolas them when they are on the roof side Bear - Tiger : Lion : Horse : Rhino [I4 - The Yelling Isle]
  5. This day, we will have to 1) Build a ramshackle sloop 2) Reach the island 3) Build tatch foundation on zones that we want to keep : - Fiber near the river - Metal on the plain - Gem on the south - Cristal on the mountain - Base location and around to expand 4) A team will start to build the base and enclose the zones with behemot gates Another team will construct outposts on taming islands and on each weather zone (toundra, desert ect...) -------- Another goal on the island will be to look for wheat seeds (for the elephant), peper seeds, carrot seeds