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Buggy Pirates

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This is the buggy pirates recruitment page EU PVP. We are currently a small crew with Active members. We are looking for fun times with naval battles and helping our allies out as much as we can. Just as a normative we would like to invite you to the crew we will not place you in under no restrictions but let us know who you are and that you can be trusted. We dont want people that are not well communicative to the crew and end up doing dumb things. We have a well established base with fortified defenses from ourselves and allies. We are a friendly crew we dont attack without reason our main pvp battles is helping our bigger allies. There is no separation in leadership. Our Main captain is the owner and he is our representative and ambassador. You will start as a crew member but as soon as the group trustes you (Should be quickly) you will be fully invited to our group as basically a captain. We treat our crew as equals and there is no one person above another. Just like the Buggy Pirates from One Piece we are not the best crew but definitely not the worst. We have many nationalities but we all speak English for global communication. Requirements for joining the buggy pirates. We are looking for people that are 18+ the only exception of younger would be if you had a son or daughter playing with you. You do not need to be a fully active players playing this game like its a job. We understand that peoples lives are busy and that if you need a break go ahead and give us warning before so. If there is no activity from you in two weeks you will be kicked. You are not forced to farm but will be recommended to help with farming for resources. English doesnt need to be good english If you are interested please contact on Discord Mr_Dragonsma#4684

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