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    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Ahoy Pathfinders!

    We’ve seen some interesting action over the past week whilst Anarchy rules! Players have found imaginative ways to entertain themselves within this no holds barred meta whilst we gather useful data for the future. Meanwhile, the team has had in-depth discussions regarding the upcoming patch, with some specific focus on claim and war systems. There will be some adjustments to our previously announced plans and this Captain’s Log will outline the details that have emerged during this process.The specifics will be honed and adapted as we approach the PTR as well as the launch of these new systems.

         :anchor: Setting a course :anchor:

    March Mega Patch Update!


    If you didn't have a chance to read our previous Captain's Log, please do so as it covers a lot of information regarding our massive update coming later this month, and will add some clarity to the changes we discuss below.


    General Claim Changes

    We’ll be making some general changes to the system which will impact both PvE and PvP servers: 

    • The boat decay system will be enabled. This means that there will be a tagging system attached to boats which will cause them to self destruct after multiple weeks of inactivity on PvE, Golden Age Ruin, and Freeport servers. To tag a boat, the owner of that boat (single player or company) will just need to enter its stasis/render distance.
    • Claim owners will be able to demolish structures (via the pinwheel) on their settlements temporarily as long as the structure has been placed within the last 12 hours. After the 12 hour period has passed, they will not be able to demolish the structures using the pinwheel, and must manually destroy it. Claim owners can do this outside of raid hours or warlike. This exists as an anti-griefing mechanism. On PvE servers, we may extend the time beyond 12 hours as players will not have the option to destroy via PVP.
    • There will be a notice sent to the Settlement Owner’s Company and also via a cross-server notification pop-up when new players/companies are building on their territory. Players will have the option to subscribe to this Company Log via email or Discord, similarly to other Company Log messages.

    PvE Claim Changes

    We received an extensive amount of feedback from the PvE community regarding our upcoming changes. The overwhelmingly clear message was a desire to retain some form of a claiming system.

    One aspect of the design we intend to stick to is the fact we want players to always have an option to build, otherwise, the game cannot be truly experienced in its current state.We understand that there are some concerns regarding how that could potentially be exploited in a PvE environment, and we’ll be working on designs and systems to ensure that isn’t the case from a technical point of view, as well as through GM involvement.

    With the Mega March update, the claim systems on PvE will change from being lawless-esque servers to the following:

    Use the same claim system as PvP, but remove the raidable hours and war aspect. This means that players will be able to claim islands, and anyone can build on those settlements. Each settlement will have an upkeep cost which is based on a variety of factors such as the islands ranking, the number of settlements that company has, and how many different companies are building on the settlement. Settlement owners will be able to set a tax rate, and also players will be able to place their player run shops on the claimed land.

    However, we are planning some PvE specific changes

    • We’ll be imposing a hard limit of Claim Points equivalent to one small island for single players. 
    • Companies will be able to own multiple settlements, but there will be a hard limit (lower than PvP) and it will be based on Island Points and the number of players who are currently in that company. This means that larger companies will have access to more ‘Claim Points’ and are therefore able to settle on more islands with higher rankings, however, we will still be imposing a relatively low cap.
    • Company alliances will no longer be enabled on PvE servers. We understand that there are some legitimate use cases, however, in this sandbox environment, we believe they will primarily be used to game the system and get past company rules/limitations. We recognize that this may impact how trading communication takes place on PvE servers and we are looking into an alternative option for players.

    PvP Claim Changes

    We’ll also be adding some new options along with changing how cannons are used during raidable/wartime hours.

    • Give claim owners the option to enable allied companies to build cannons on their lands
    • Give company owners the option to allow allies to use their cannon (governance setting)
    • Enable an activation timer on cannon structures placed by non-allied companies during wartime and raidable hours to prevent instant FoBs. Similarly to battery-powered heavy turret activation timer on ARK.
    • Delay on joining a new company or alliance after leaving one (24 hours)
    • Company owners and admins can now set other companies as neutral. This is done via the in-game pinwheel, similarly to alliances when targeting another company’s structure or player. Companies which are marked as neutral will have a different colour display HUD, as a way for players to indicate they are non-hostile, however, they will not have other benefits which the alliance system would provide. In summary, there will now be three states in which other companies can appear: ally/neutral/enemy.

    We acknowledge that there has been a lot of feedback regarding alliance limitations and how they impact mid-sized companies along with the role they play when sharing territory. This is something we are currently discussing and we may have an update for you closer to the time of the patch. 

    Player to Player Secure Trading System

    This update will also include our first phase of the Player to Player secure trading system! We regard this is an important aspect of the game, alongside our Player ran shops, which you’ll be able to experience later this month on the PTR!


    Procedurally Generated Shipwrecks

    The March Mega update will also be introducing a new environment objective for players to explore whilst out at sea! Procedurally generated shipwrecks exist as a new source to loot for items and blueprints. You’ll be able to find them randomly populating throughout the sea floor, with a higher density present around the underwater trench. You can find them by diving deep into the ocean or looking out for their visual indicator on the surface of the water, or successfully completing the sextant mini-game which will point you in the direction of nearby shipwrecks (procedurally generated or player-made).

    We’ll have various types with their own unique looks. Players will need to swim into them to locate the chest to loot, which will vary based on the shipwreck.

    The structural pieces (planks) will not be able to be harvested, and the submarine can just directly attack the shipwreck to harvest the loot. Once the chest inside the wreck has been activated, it will begin a timer which will destroy the wreck, additionally, looting it entirely will also cause the wreck to be destroyed.

    Please keep in mind that this will be our initial implementation for these procedurally generated shipwrecks and we’ll be expanding on them in a future update, as well as introducing more PvE content for players to explore and experience. 

    Public Test Realm (Test Live)

    This update, including the war system and claim changes, will be making its way to our Public Test Realm before it hits the entire Official Network and will be accessible for all players for both PvP and PvE. It is anticipated that Test Live will be available to play around the 20th of March and we will keep you posted should there be any more updates as the time approaches. 

    We appreciate all of the feedback you’ve shared regarding the update and will continue to work on improving the systems, and the game by incorporating aspects of that feedback into our existing developmental pipelines as well as our vision for the game!

    Upcoming Major Version

    We’ll also be releasing a major version update on the 8th of March, which will contain a massive overhaul to the way items are replicated on our networks. This should result in a considerable performance gain and reduction in bandwidth on servers, and due to the scale and necessity of the changes, a major update will be required.



    Additionally, we will be rolling out the Peg Leg and Hook Hand cosmetics which can be acquired at your nearest Freeport!




    Dynamic ATLAS Maps

    Our roundup of the Dynamic ATLAS Maps will be on a temporary hiatus due to the current Anarchy patch and the fact we have announced the wipe. It will be making a return when the ATLAS relaunches with the new claim and war system.



        :pirate_mask: SHOW 'N' TELL #5 :pirate_mask:

    We enjoyed the variety of creative submissions in this fortnight's Show 'n Tell. It's awesome to see all of your originality and talent. Feast yer eyes on  th' best o' th' bunch below! Congratulations to our winners who have scored themselves cash prizes!





    We were stunned by this beautiful piece with its skilled use of light and shadow displaying the artist's impressive talent and attention to detail. This art both formally and conceptually points to being awarded first place! 



    If joining this Company means we get an adorable map like this in order to learn locations on the Island for clear comms during defense, we're in! 



    A well situated and architecturally impressive offering from an imaginative builder who is obviously honed at their craft. 












    Congratulations to the winners and runners up and thank you to all of the entrants; we love looking through everything you guys send in! 




    Alrighty, that wraps up this log! Thank you so much for becoming a part of our crew and we can't wait to show all you scallywags, landlubbers, captains, and seadogs what lies ahead!

    Happy Sailing,

    Grapeshot Games

    🏴☠️For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information🏴☠️

    Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas
    Navigate ye olde Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas
    Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas
    Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas
    Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame

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    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    3 hours ago, MindOfMadness said:

    LOL...  If I "don't want to accept"?!...  Dude! I linked you a post from Jat that clearly says it's for small groups, solo players, and large groups but it's you that can't accept it. WTF do you think "accessible" means exactly?  They want everyone to be able to play the game whatever their play style is. That doesn't mean it's made for large groups...  IT MEANS IT"S MADE FOR EVERYONE...  You can't actually be so fucking stupid that you can't understand this.  FFS pull your head out of your ass and "ACCEPT" reality.

    for real though, link a dev post or company statement that says it's a game for large groups...  I'll wait...

    ok kid. you still don't understand the post of jat. It's wasting my time to explain it again.

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    Making games is about making money.  It's in Grapeshot's best interests to make the game accessible to everyone so they can make the most money possible for their company.  They have payrolls to meet, shareholders to pay, bosses to answer to.  They are NOT going to limit their game to only large groups.  

    If you are a group player and you like that kind of power, there's plenty of group stuff for you to do.  If you're solo, you too can enjoy the game, Grapeshot will make sure of it.  You may have to ally with others  in order to achieve some aspects of  the game, but that SHOULD be possible.  As I said before,  it really depends on whether the devs screw too much with the ability to make alliances.  But in any case, Grapeshot will make the game as accessible as they can to everyone - put your money on that, because they sure will.

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    I don't understand why anyone would want to solo on official servers, you create a huge disadvantage for yourself. You can't solo treasure maps, so your leveling will be hindered. You can't solo kracken, power stones and even FoY would be hell. I have been a soloer and it is much easier to go to a private server at 10x or 25x, just to make up for the lack of group size.


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    58 minutes ago, Spyrit said:

    You can't solo treasure maps, so your leveling will be hindered. You can't solo kracken, power stones and even FoY would be hell.


    Yes I can, Yes I can, yes I can!!! If you can't solo something, get better....


    go to a private server at 10x or 25x, just to make up for the lack of group size.

    Cheat? Hrmmm.....

    Edited by Lonexile

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    7 hours ago, Spyrit said:

    You can't solo treasure maps, so your leveling will be hindered. You can't solo kracken, power stones and even FoY would be hell.

    Solo treasure maps all the time.  Where there's a will, there's a way.   And I also do FoY solo every single time.   Done it about what....five, six times now?  It's not a piece of cake, but it's a LOT better now than it was at first.  No worries, mate.  Solo is peachy keen, it just takes more smarts to .... uh.....git 'er dun.  😄Image result for git er done

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    Hey, It looks like I won the last "Show 'N Tell" but I'm not sure how to proceed further with getting the prize. Could you provide some info on this please?

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    2 hours ago, 6Actual said:

    Is there a confirmed Wipe Day yet for PVE?

    Short answer... its no... its WildCard, never take ther ETA as granted anyways...  "it will be done, when its done" ...

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    20 hours ago, trev2000 said:

    Short answer... its no... its WildCard, never take ther ETA as granted anyways...  "it will be done, when its done" ...

    It's not exactly Wildcard, it's Grapeshot Games, but they have to answer to the same owner.  That's the Chinese company Snail Games, last I knew.  As for Ark being done, I think they're still working on it, as you might surmise  if you follow Jen or Captain Cuda on Twitter.  So it's not exactly done yet either.   If Grapeshot wants to delay the ETA of the re-introduction, it probably means they're still making major changes which should result in less aggravation for us....we hope.

    To quote Captain Yoda, "Patience you must have, my young padawan."  Image result for star wars quotes, patience

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    Oh, and by the way, in case you guys have game development skills both Studio Wildcard and Grapeshot Games are hiring.  :hook:🖥️🦕

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    You can call them the name you want.. at the end its "all" SNAIL GAMES...  😉


    2 hours ago, Raine said:

    To quote Captain Yoda, "Patience you must have, my young padawan."


    You miss the point... its them that tell us the ETA  ... itsnt the players that need "patience", its the dev's that need to learn the meaning of ETA/Dead lines  😄

    If i keep saying to mi boss one date, and if i deliver the work "when i want", i will loose mi job at the end of the month .. the devs "here", just do whatever they want.



    Edited by trev2000

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    I understand where you're coming from.  But what does the "E" in ETA stand for?  Estimated.  It's just an estimate.  A guess, based on the information available at the time it was made.  A 'deadline' is not the same thing as an ETA.   As a journalist, I have deadlines to meet or my stories won't make it to press in time.  So if Grapeshot gives us an ETA, it means they are just making their best guess and if unforeseen circumstances push that estimate out further, then que sera, sera.

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    On 4/9/2019 at 4:36 AM, travis843 said:

    Lmao the course is set to down the drain.

    Sounds like you're having a rough time of it with the disappearing ships.  Can't blame you for feeling salty.

    After reading the PTR bug reports, I have a strong feeling it will be longer than one week before the 1.5 patch drops.  Seems like there are some major gamebreaking issues they need to overcome.  I know they're working on it, but one week of coding and testing won't fix what's gone wonky.  They're gonna need more time for sure.  Image result for coding

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